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Our Waxing Formulas

When you come to Dyanna Spa for hair removal services, be assured that the only waxing formulas we use are top of the line products that are safe and time-tested, and that our facility is 100 percent hygienic.

We use two excellent waxing formulas. Which one we choose depends on the hair removal service you want and the sensitivity of your skin.

We offer a free consultation with our waxing professionals and a quick patch test to determine which wax is best for your skin.

Depending on the areas you want hair removed from, we might suggest a combination of the two waxes.

Our waxing services are quick and effective, as we try to provide a waxing experience for our clients, which is as comfortable as possible.

Azulene Wax

Azulene wax is a lightly aromatic and soothing formula that leaves your skin smooth and glistening. Made from blue chamomile flowers, it is the perfect high-grade wax for hair removal on most parts of the body, and is the preferred choice for most skin types. Azulene is also great for waxing large areas of skin.

How it works: Our waxing esthetician applies the warmed Azulene wax over the desired hair removal area using a wooden spatula. Once applied, she places paper strips over the area and then quickly pulls the strips off, along with the unwanted hair.

Cirepil Wax

Cirepil wax is a blue hard wax and is the finest depilatory wax known. It has remained the number one ranked wax product in the waxing industry for many years. This low-heat waxing formula is ideal for removing hair from small, harder to reach skin, for sensitive areas of the body, and for people with very sensitive skin.

How it works: Our waxing specialist uses a wooden spatula to apply the wax. Once the wax hardens, she peels off the wax, removing the unwanted hair.

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Our waxing specialists always wear gloves when providing wax hair removal treatments, and they never, ever reuse the applicator spatula. They use a new spatula for every application of wax you receive.

Dyanna Spa Service Range

Dyanna Spa has been catering to women’s waxing needs since we first opened in 1983. We have found that once a woman experiences a hair removal waxing treatment, whether it is a full arm waxing, a leg wax, an eyebrow wax, or a Brazilian bikini wax, most always come back.
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Waxing for Women
Grooming, hair removal, and spa services aren’t just for women anymore. In fact, we are proud to say that we are Manhattan’s premier specialists in men’s hair removal. Men can feel comfortable knowing that our experience and expertise are well established in New York City.
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Waxing for Men
Electrolysis is the best hair removal for men and women alike, no matter what your skin type, hair texture or hair color. When thinking about electrolysis vs laser hair removal, know that lasers are only good on light-skinned people and those with dark hair. Laser treatments can actually burn dark-skinned people.
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We offer threading hair removal services at our Manhattan, NY downtown and midtown day spas. Our estheticians use facial threading, an ancient beauty treatment to remove unwanted hair. A 100% cotton thread traps the hair in a mini lasso, as the esthetician rolls the thread along the hair in a twisting motion
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If you want to bring out the true beauty of your face, consider eyelash and eyebrow tinting.It makes a real difference in how you look. Are your eyelashes and eyebrows too light or too sparse? Do you just want a change?
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Ear candling for removing excessive earwax (also spelled as “ear wax”) and debris is one of the many special treatments available at Dyanna Spa in New York City. Although it is not FDA-approved, it is a very relaxing, and non-invasive alternative treatment to safely remove earwax.
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Ear Candling
How you look to yourself and others is very important. We may not like it, but our society is beauty and youth-oriented so taking good care of your skin is something to consider. It’s also important for your own health to make certain that the body’s largest organ, the skin, gets the attention it deserves.
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Living an active life means that your skin is likely to be damaged by too much sun exposure and other environmental factors. In addition, the stresses of life also take a toll on the skin. Dyanna Spa’s anti-aging treatments are designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase blood flow to the skin, and restore […]
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Anti Aging Treatments
The pace of New York City is often very chaotic and demanding, offering little time in the day to take a break. Massages from Dyanna Spa in Manhattan are the perfect way to switch off your mind, calm your nerves, and sink into a journey of ultimate relaxation.
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Body Treatments for men and women are a great way to take care of your skin and feel fresh and rejuvenated. Our goal at Dyanna Spa in Manhattan is to offer the most unique and effective treatments for both men and woman that will be sure to leave your skin healthy and radiant all year round.
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Body Treatments
Dating back to ancient Egypt, the practice of manicures or “hand care”, as it translates from the Latin language, has remained popular among women and men alike throughout history. Well-kept hands and nails were a symbol of high social status.
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Nail Salon Manicures
No matter what season it may be in New York City, your feet should always be well groomed to prevent the build-up of dry skin and calluses, which over time get harder to remove. Because your feet endure a lot on a daily basis, proper hydration and upkeep is vital to ensuring that your feet look and feel young at all times.
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Nail Salon Pedicures

About Us

We offer a wide variety of spa services!

Dyanna Spa has been taking care of the needs of its loyal clientele for over 30 years, since 1983. Being one of the first salons providing Brazilian wax services to men and women, along with a full array of nail salon treatments, our experience and professionalism has led us to become one of the top ranked day spas in Manhattan, N.Y.

Chosen as “The Best” in the City for most of our spa services by local review sites, Dyanna Spa continues to rank high with its loyal customers. Our clients keep coming back because they love the spa treatments they, as well as our incredibly reasonable prices.

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